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About water system plumbing pipe fittings

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CPVC material usage
Pipe fittings made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin are remarkable for their superiority in terms of their sturdiness, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, and good flame retardancy, and superior sanitary properties.
CPVC pipes meet all the sanitary standards of plastic hot and cold water pipes in China and have a very good market prospect.
CPVC has been commonly used to manufacture cold and hot water transmission pipes and fittings for home use. Its pipes have low heat loss, no dripping, no scale gathering, can be continuously applied at 82℃ temperature and 0.7MPa pressure, and are certified as potable by the National Environmental Health Foundation.
In addition, because the ignition point of CPVC is much higher than wood, up to 450 ° C or more, foreign countries have used CPVC in the manufacture of fire sprinkler systems.
Currently, China has also started using CPVC pipes in fire protection systems.

CPVC water supply pipe:

Used in landscaping works, waterworks, paper-making plants, electrical works, brewing and fermentation plants, construction works, electroplating plants, sewerage works, agricultural gardens, telecommunication works, mines, drilling works, breeding industry, salt water works, highway works, natural gas works, golf course works, chemical plants, plastic rafts for fisheries.

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About PVC water pipe fittings?
PVC plumbing fittings are widely used in home decoration, engineering, construction, and industrial production. They are mainly used to connect the pipeline system and realize the role of transporting water, oil, gas, and other liquid media. Its basic structure is a one-way valve. In piping systems, PVC pipes and fittings are usually used together to perform the role of transporting water, oil, gas, and other liquid media. Due to the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, lightweight and impact resistance, plastic pipes have replaced traditional piping materials in many applications

PVC pipe fittings are used to connect hoses, sprinklers, and other garden equipment. They have a number of different designs that can be used to connect pipes together in a variety of ways.

PVC pipe fittings can be installed on either side of the pipe so you don't need special tools or skills to install them. The fittings will stay securely in place even when there's water pressure pushing against them from above or below ground level.

The most common types of PVC sewer fittings include:

Threaded Pipe Fittings - These come with an inner thread that fits around another piece called an "adapter". This adapter acts as a stopper for your hose connection so it won't leak when you're using it outdoors against rough surfaces like cement walls or tiles

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What are PVC water pipe fittings?
Direct is also known as sleeve, pipe sleeve joint, which can be used to extend the pipe when a pipe is not long enough. When you use it, you should pay attention to match the size of the water pipe, when the pipe is not long enough to connect the two pipes used.
The elbow is used to make the water pipe turn, because the water pipe itself is straight, and can not bend, to change the direction of the water pipe, only through the elbow to achieve. Regularly divided into 45 degrees and 90 degrees elbow.
The tee is divided into the same diameter tee and the reducer tee, as the name implies, is connected to three different directions of the water pipe, when a water pipe from a waterway to use.
The size of the head connects the pipe diameter of the two different pipe use, direct, elbow and tee have the size of the head.
The plug is installed after the water pipe, used to temporarily close the outlet, and used in the installation of the faucet PVC drain fittings which models this according to the model of your PVC drainage pipe to determine

Under normal operating conditions, the effective service life of UPVC pipe is more than 50 years.

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Is the UPVC water supply pipe the same as the PVC-U water supply pipe?

Yes, just the name is different, the purpose is the same

The use of PVC water supply pipe

1. Small fluid resistance: The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, and the fluid resistance is small, which effectively improves the hydraulic conditions of the pipe network and reduces the operating cost of the system.
2. Simple construction: The pipeline connection construction is quick and easy, and the construction cost is low.
3. Does not affect the water quality: It has been confirmed by the dissolution test that it does not affect the water quality, and is suitable for large-scale promotion and application.
4. High mechanical strength: The pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance, and resistance to

Advantages of PVC water supply pipes

1. Has good tensile and compressive strength: but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes.
2. Small fluid resistance: The inner wall of the PVC pipe is very smooth, and the resistance to fluid is very small. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009. Its water delivery capacity can be increased by 20% compared with cast iron pipes of the same diameter and 40% higher than that of concrete pipes. %

How to repair the leakage of PVC water supply pipe?

Use water glue and find another PVC pipe to stick it on. When sticking, there should be no water and sundries on the adhesive surface. Use sandpaper or a file to file it, and then stick it again. Buy a bottle of plastic steel mud on Taobao to repair and add a PVC short circuit, disconnect the leak, dry it, clean it with sandpaper, and clean it up, then stick it on, cut it off and replace it with a section

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