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2 Pc PVC Ball Valve Series

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What is two-piece ball valve

Two-piece ball valve belongs to the manual valve category.

The ball valve is a valve that uses a sphere with a circular channel as the opening and closing member, and the sphere rotates with the stem to achieve the opening and closing action.

The opening and closing member of the ball valve is a sphere with a hole, rotating around the axis perpendicular to the channel to open and close the channel.

The ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the pipeline and equipment media, and can also be used for fluid regulation and control, ball valve fluid resistance is small, simple structure, small volume, lightweight, tight and reliable, and easy to operate and maintain, will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface, a wide range of applications.



3 of the hottest selling 2-Pc PVC ball valves

S.S Handle 2-pc PVC ball valve

This two-piece ball valve is mainly exported to the Middle East market, and the hot selling size is 2inch.
The characteristics of this product: the product itself is relatively heavy, 107g, its handle is made of stainless steel.
The size is 1/2"-2",
Packaging is 2 ball valves in a box.
Available colors are dark gray, white, light gray.

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S.S Handle 2-pc PVC Ball Valve With Foot

The difference between this style and the first style is that the first ball valve body is without Foot, this two-piece ball valve is the Southeast Asian market purchases more

The most popular size is 1/2", (1/2"-2")
Available in dark gray, blue and white
Allowed interface is Thread&Socket

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PVC Handle 2-pc Ball Valve

This ball valve is the hottest selling ball valve in Indonesia. The difference between this ball valve and the second ball valve is the handle, the second handle is a stainless steel model, and this handle is made of plastic. The handle is made of plastic.
But the two ball valves are very comfortable to feel and can be purchased according to demand.
The most popular countries for this ball valve: are Indonesia, Myanmar & Thailand
Packaging requirements: customers basically require customization of their brand and color box

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