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HONGKE VIP Exclusive Services

Since 2020, the global economy has been in synchronous recession and slowly recovering due to the impact of the epidemic. Hongke people have been thinkingWhat can we do for customers who trust &support Hongke all the way?So that customers can truly feel the love and warmth of Hongke people. To this end, we propose our esteemed Hongke customers to work together with Hongke bravely to achieve the annual strategic goals in addition to maintaining the stable development of our main products under the complex and changeable environment.

(I)Q: What is Hongke’s Premium service?

Re: Set up a professional and experienced procurement R & D team to serve customers.

(II)Q: What are the service items?

1. Geographical advantages (We are located in Yiwu,China, with unique resources such as policy and transportation industry chain)

2. Free development of any category (as long as you want to develop)

3. Free samples are provided

4. Free online factory inspection (strictly control quality and price)

5. Free warehouse, container loading and shipping services

(Ⅲ) Vision

Assist customers to achieve annual strategic goals and become a reliable and permanent strategic partner of Hongke.

Post time: Apr-02-2022