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How to replace the spool of PVC ball valve

First turn off the water valve, and prepare a screwdriver, the handle next to the set screw in the counterclockwise direction to take down, take down placed aside to avoid loss. Then take off the active handle, and then use a wrench to open the cover of the spool, take out the spool inside, and then buy a spool of the same size as the spool, and then install it. Finally, use a wrench to install the cover of the spool back, and then fix the screws of the handle.
1.How to fix ball valve leaks
1. When the ball valve leaks, you should first find the cause of the ball valve leak and the specific location of the leak. If the cause of the ball valve leak and the location of the leak are different, the treatment methods will be different, so we should proceed according to the actual situation of the ball valve. repair.
2. If it is because the handle of the ball valve is not closed properly, the ball valve cannot be closed tightly, resulting in water leakage, then the handle of the ball valve needs to be disassembled, and then the handle is corrected with pliers, and then the handle is installed back. The leaking problem can be solved.
3. If the spool of the ball valve is rusted and the ball valve cannot be closed tightly, resulting in water leakage, it is generally difficult to repair. You can only try to disassemble the ball valve, and then drip some water into the spool position. lube and see if that fixes the rust problem. If the problem cannot be solved, then you can only directly replace a new ball valve of the same specification and model.
4. If the ball valve has been damaged, it can only be replaced with a new ball valve directly. Before replacing the ball valve, you need to go to a hardware store or buy a new ball valve of the same specification and model as the old ball valve online. If the owner does not know how to replace the ball valve himself, it is best to ask professionals to come to help replace it, so as to avoid problems.
2.What are the considerations for ball valve maintenance
1, before use, you can wash the pipe and device with water, so that you can get rid of some residual debris, and will not run into the valve body inside, so that the phenomenon of damage to the ball valve. Under normal circumstances, in the closed state will still bear a certain pressure, so when the valve body is damaged or needs to be serviced, to close the sluice gate and close the shut-off valve first, which will release the pressure in the inner cavity and reduce the occurrence of dangerous accidents.
2, if you need to clean the internal time to be more careful, not to break the seal, which will affect the overall effect, remove it, you can put it in a conspicuous place. Of course, re-installation should also pay attention to the time of fixing, to avoid falling, for replacement is also the case, all can first fix the screws above the flange, and then to fix other nuts.
3, cleaning and maintenance, may use some special solvents, so then we should pay attention to this liquid can not affect the accessories, otherwise the phenomenon of corrosion, it will affect the pipeline, thus affecting the media. Of course, different media in the choice of cleaning agent will be different, like gas, then you can choose gasoline to clean, clean the dust, oil and dirt on the top to deal with clean.

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