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PVC Ball Valve Guid

About PVC Valve

PVC/UPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) offers erosion and corrosion-resistant material suitable for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial valve uses. CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is a variant of PVC that is more flexible and can withstand higher temperatures. Both PVC and CPVC are lightweight yet rugged materials that are rust-proof, making them perfect for use in many water applications.

Ball valves made of PVC  and CPVC are commonly used in chemical processes, potable water, irrigation, water treatment and wastewater, landscaping, pool, pond, fire safety, brewing, and other food and beverage applications. They are a good low-cost solution for most flow control needs.

Advantages of PVC ball valve: light weight, strong corrosion-resistance, compact and beautiful appearance, light weight and easy installation, strong corrosion-resistance, wide application range, hygienic and non-toxic material, wear resistance, easy disassembly, simple and easy maintenance OK.


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2 Pieces PVC Ball Valve

This 2 Pieces PVC Ball Valve has good corrosion resistance and long service life. And it is very flexible in rotation and easy to use. Adopting the EPDM seal, the integral ball valve is not easy to leak and has high strength. The connecting ball valve is easy to disassemble.
The medium used for cutting and connecting pipes can also be used for regulating and controlling fluids.

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Why Choose PVC Water Ball Valve

Light Weight:

The proportion is only 1/7 of the metal valves. It is convenient for handling and operation, which can save lots of manpower and installation time.

No Public Hazard:

The formula is environmental protection. The material is steady, without second contamination.


With high chemical stability, plastic valves will not contaminate the water in the piping networks and can maintain the sanitation and efficiency of the system. They are available for water supply transport and chemical industrial facilities.

Abrasion Resistance:

That has higher abrasion resistance than other material valves, so the service life can be longer.

Attractive Appearance:

Smooth internal and external wall, low flow-resistant, mild color, and exquisite appearance.

Easy and Reliable Installation:

It adopts specified solvent adhesive for conjunction, it is convenient and quick for operating and the interface can offer higher pressure resistance than that of pipe. That is safe and reliable.

PVC ball valve application

PVC ball valve Applications

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HONGKE VALVE uses high-quality PVC material to manufacture ball valves, which makes the inner wall of the produced ball valves smooth and delicate, ensuring the smooth flow of water and shortening the time of water flow.

Each ball valve we produce is strictly polished by the technical department, making the surface of the valve body more lustrous and less likely to fall into dust.

At the same time, according to the different styles of ball valve handle we carry out handle special treatment, for example; butterfly handle of the ball valve, the technical department will be reinforced handle settings, set the anti-slip texture, in the rotation, adjust the size of the feel comfortable not slippery


PVC Ball Valve Demo

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