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PVC Sink Flexible Drain Pipe for washbasin

Short Description:

Pipe China Factory Wholesale about 3.77 g
For Bathroom Vanity Kitchen Sink Sink Flexible PVC Sewer Drain/Outlet Connector Sink Downpipe, White/Grey (Available).
Contact us to get the best quality wholesale price PVC Pipe Hose

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Product Detail

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Self-closing deodorant design:
The redesigned Drain Pipe has an anti-odor function to ensure the cleanliness of the user’s bathing environment.
Quick drainage effect:
The product adopts a large diameter design to ensure smooth water flow, not easy to accumulate water, clean and healthy
High quality PVC material:
The use of non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC material is not easy to corrode, resistant to aging, and has strong impact resistance without damage.
Flexible expansion:
The product uses a laminated tube body design, which can be freely stretched and bent, which is flexible and convenient.

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