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ABS single cold water tap quick opening

Short Description:

Material: ABS
Surface technology: brushed
Applicable type: kitchen faucet
Structure: single-link
Installation method: threaded rotation
Specifications: 1/2inch
Color: white body
Packing: Single bag or box

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Product Detail

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ABS faucet product features:

1. The product has good sealing performance. strong and sturdy
2. It is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, rust-free, non-toxic and tasteless
3. High pressure resistance, light weight, easy construction and so on.
4. Open quickly

Installation method

installation steps:
1. Lay the water inlet pipe at a suitable height on the wall and cut it off.
Start the installation after piping the water source;
2. Wrap the thread around the raw material tape, put it into the decorative cover, and screw it in
in the water inlet pipe;
3. Insert a screwdriver into the water outlet and screw the water inlet end into the wall
into the water inlet pipe;
4. Connect the water source of the pipeline and check whether the threaded part is sealed
1. Before installation, it must be ensured that the sediment and other debris in the pipeline have been removed.
rinse well;
2. The water pressure of this product is 0.05-1.0Mpa and the water temperature is 0-90°C
use under conditions

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