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Blue outdoor water tap

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Hongke Valve strictly selects materials when producing this product. We care about your health and resolutely do not use lead-containing materials. When the production of the modified product was completed, it passed our 20 times of sealing tests without any water leakage. Hongke Valve specializes in producing PVC, ABS, PP faucets. Contact us to get a professional quotation form, and free samples as a quality test.

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1 Non-toxic and lead-free - this product does not contain heavy metals, is non-toxic and lead-free, has strong anti-aging properties, and is suitable for water temperatures below 45°
2TPE all-inclusive material-switch ball core thermoplastic elastomer, high elasticity, high strength, green environmental protection, safe and non-toxic, smooth water discharge, large flow, and good water stop performance
3 standard 1/2inch&3/4inch water outlet - standard water outlet, standard connection, clear thread, smooth rotation, tight connection, leak-proof, smooth water outlet, explosion-proof
4 Food-grade material - environmentally friendly and healthy, can be used with confidence, cold resistance and pressure resistance, long life.
5 Comfortable handle - comfortable and beautiful handle design, smooth rotation and good feel when using.

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