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PVC Ball Valve Octagon Socket

Short Description:

This PVC water valve uses a universal butterfly handle, the yellow handle is very stylish with a white body or a light gray body color. This octagonal ball valve is thickened based on the original ball, which conforms to the PVC Schedule 40 Ball valve.

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Product Detail

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1 The ball valve is an octagonal ball valve with inner wire, which is easy to operate and does not leak when used in conjunction with the raw material belt.


2 The ball valve body is thickened, which can meet the Schedule 40 ball valve


3 The driving method of this product is manual use


4 The features of this product are cut-off water flow and hydrophobic





Body: PVC or PP


Ball & handle: ABS & PVC


Seal: TPR or EPDM


End Connections:


Thread (1/2''-2")


Socket (1/2''-2")


Temperature range:


PVC: 0-70




1.0mpa 8-10kg water pressure



1 Product weight?


2 Available Colors:

Sphere colors available: white, dark grey, light grey.

Handle color can be: red, yellow, blue...

For more color requirements, please ask sales

3 Packing:

Bulk, opp bag, custom box


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