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PVC irrigation plastic ball valve Blue

Short Description:

This style sky blue, butterfly handle plastic ball valve is used to connect to control the flow of water. Sky blue ball valve is a hot selling ball valve in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, because all local plumbing parts use blue color, so it is more beautiful with blue water ball valve.

This ball valve can be customized by printing the product logo on the ball and the handle cover, and the product packaging can be customized according to the picture provided by the customer.

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Product Detail

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Features and advantages:


1The product is smooth and flawless inside, ensuring smooth and unobstructed water flow


2 products using high-quality PVC material, to strengthen the valve corrosion-resistant characteristics


3 production are using the best materials, water valves can be used for a long time is not easy to accumulate dirt


4 product structure is simple, easy to install and operate to reduce manpower time




Main body: PVC

Handle: PVC or PP

Valve spool: ABS

Seal: TPR or EPDM

End Connections:

Interface: Socket

Standard: British Standard / National Standard / Thai Standard / American Standard

Size: 1/2"-2"

Temperature Range:

PVC :0-70

Maximum Pressure:

Normal pressure(1.0mpa),8-10 kg

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