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Plastic Tap Faucet Series For Sales

Short Description:

ABS plated faucets are fashionable and can be installed in kitchens and other places to add style to your kitchen; ABS faucets are made of high quality ABS material, which is lightweight and easy to install; ABS faucets have the same function as brass faucets but are cheaper than brass. This series of faucet is also the hot selling faucet in Indian countries.

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Product Detail

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Product Name: ABS plating faucet series

Product type: ABS vertical faucet, ABS basin faucet, ABS bathroom faucet, ABS double-open faucet, ABS corner valve faucet

Material process: the use of high-quality ABS material, and mature plating process made of.

Packaging: Contact us for the most detailed packaging information and faucet list

Sample: Initiate inquiry; or ask online to get free sample service

HONGKE Valve is a manufacturer established for 13 years specializing in making PVC water supply ball valves, plastic faucets of various materials, plastic pipe fittings, we are a professional super factory and agent to produce brand suppliers, we cooperate with many very many brands, such as POLO from India, etc.

Please contact us for professional service, and the best offer!


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